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How to play Guinness Six Nations Fantasy Rugby 2019


How to play Guinness Six Nations Fantasy Rugby 2019

How to play Guinness Six Nations Fantasy Rugby 2019

Understanding how points are scored is key to any Fantasy Rugby game and in the Official 2019 Guinness Six Nations game there are a number of crucial factors to be aware of.

The game itself is not too complicated but you will need to balance your side cleverly and good rugby knowledge will always come in handy.

Each player has been individually rated based on their experience in the Championship to date and you will need to decide carefully about what area of the team to invest points in.

It is possible to get big names in your team but you cannot afford to pick all the marquee men – you will need to be clever to remain within your initial budget of 240 points.

Furthermore, you cannot select more than four players from the same country so you will need to know your Italian props as well as your English fly-halves.



When selecting your squad you will particularly need to consider how the points scoring system works.

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Each player on the pitch can win your team points based on the result of the match they are playing in.

There are also player points, which depend on the individual player’s performance.

If your selected player is playing at home he will earn you 12 team points for a home win, 4 for a home draw and 1 for a home loss. Conversely, an away player appearing in a winning team will gain you 18 team points for a win, 10 for a draw and 3 for a loss.

There is also points difference to bear in mind, with 0.5 points added or taken away for every point separating the teams.

When it comes to player points, a key point to note is that defence could well prove as decisive as attacking flair.


Every tackle made by your player wins you 1 player point – double what it was worth last year.

But attack is essential and a try for your player wins 15 points if they are a back, 18 if they are a forward. They will also earn 0.2 points for every metre made, and 2 points per defender beaten, both double their value in 2018.

Conversions and penalties are also important and will earn 3 points each while a drop goal is worth 6.

You will also have a captain who scores double points but there is no designated kicker this season.

Another new addition is the bench, with three extra players set to earn half points on your bench, and the option of a super sub one. This player’s score will be trebled, provided they come off the bench in real life during the game.

The Man of the Match award also wins your player 15 points so keep in mind who might get the nod for that award in each game. Beware ill-discipline though – a yellow card loses your player 5 points while a red docks 8.

Finally, player value evolves over the course of the Championship, so keep a close eye on availability news to see when you might want to bring someone in, or search for a replacement.