Brunel hoping for momentum after adding Galthié to France coaching team

Jacques Brunel is counting on the arrival of Fabien Galthié in his coaching staff to give France some momentum.

Jacques Brunel is counting on the arrival of Fabien Galthié in his coaching staff to give France some momentum.

The former France captain will come into the coaching staff to look after the attack, while strength and conditioning coach Thibault Giroud has also joined the set-up.

And Brunel expects the pair to have a big influence on France, who finished fourth in the Guinness Six Nations.

He said: “I’ve decided to reinforce the coaching set-up with two new people, that is Thibault Giroud, as a strength and conditioning coach, and Fabien will look after the attack in particular.

“He will be there to provide his vision. He already has a certain idea, through the discussions we’ve had and the film we have watched of what he can add to this team. For the other members of the staff, nothing will change, they will continue with their current responsibilities.

“I feel like the thing we are missing will come to fruition and we are trying to put the squad in the best possible conditions because it is clear that a World Cup, with its preparation, is a unique moment. The past has shown us that, and I don’t want to miss this unique event.

“We will prepare as we need to and I think these additions will give us momentum and create what we need to move forward.”

France won two games out of five during the 2019 Championship, losing to England at Twickenham, and they will face the Red Rose again in Japan.

And Brunel is confident that his team can step up when it comes to the World Cup.

He added: “I’m determined and confident. I know it might seem contradictory looking at the results over the last few months. In spite of everything, I know, having been in these situations for a long time, that in France we have this capacity to switch gears very quickly and change our status, especially as all teams start from the same line.

“We’re dependent on the confidence and the mood which can change lots of things. We will have to, through our preparation, with the additions to the staff and perhaps some new or different players, create competition and enthusiasm which can give us some good results during this World Cup.”