andy christie
Spilling the (coffee) beans with the dynamic Scotland and Saracens back rower.

What's your coffee of choice? I don't drink coffee. I'll potentially have tea, but that's where I draw the line. I don't like coffee. I don't ever really have caffeine except for on game days, which means post-match is hell because I'll either be on the biggest comedown ever, or I'll be wired until 4am and can't sleep.

What are you watching on TV at the moment? I've just started 'Griselda' on Netflix, which I'm enjoying. But it's only six episodes, which feels too short.

Who would you like to write a book about your life? A lot of what I read is autobiographies, so I'm not sure who I'd like to write it. Maybe give it to JK Rowling, but I don't play with magic too much!

What song would be the soundtrack of your career? My try song at Sarries is 'Casanova', so I'm not sure that's accurate for my entire rugby career! But let's go for that.

Who is your best friend in rugby? Elliott Obatoyinbo at Newcastle Falcons, or Sean Reffell at Ulster. I've known those guys since I was 15 [at Harrow School].

Are you a big gamer? I'm not, but I'm also the best at FIFA in the squad.

Where do you call home? Bristol is home for me.

How would you describe Bristol to someone who has never been there? An eclectic mix of people. A colourful, attractive place.

What is your ideal destination for a holiday? If I was going to go on holiday tomorrow, it would be the Maldives.

If you could go back in time to any period in history, when would it be? I'd go back to the week of my first squad call-up. The week before that I was on a stag do in Tenerife, and Gregor called me the day after I got back, so I was feeling a bit worse for wear. That rounded off what was pretty much the perfect week.

If you wanted to be remembered for any one thing, what would it be? In a rugby context, winning everything. In life, being a good, generous person.

What is the hardest thing about being a professional rugby player? Honestly, the hardest thing is going through and dealing with injuries, because they can take a big mental and physical toll on you.

And what is the best aspect of your job? Being around the boys all the time. A lot of players have got a bit of Peter Pan-itis: they don't have to grow up, and that's one of the best things about it. You've got mates who are 18, mates who are 36, and everyone's on a similar mental wavelength - at least when they're together.

Which teammate would make the best backpacking companion? I'm close with Ben White, and he likes stuff like that. It's not really up my street, but he's that kind of bloke who enjoys cycling and road trips. The only issue is he does moan quite a bit. My honest answer would be Beelsie, our kitman [Mark Beels]. I've known him since I was 17 or 18 at Sarries. The best man ever. He'd do anything for anyone, he's always got a smile on his face; always kind, always laughing. Top man.

Italy v Scotland, Saturday 9th March, Stadio Olimpico, 14:15 (live on ITV).