Brex and Ruzza against France
A classic Italian appointment between two of the country's star men.

What coffee do you drink?

BREX: Cappuccino.

RUZZA: A neat, classic espresso. Maybe I drink too many.

If you could choose one person to write your biography, who would it be?

BREX: My dad and my mum.

RUZZA: I would say Edoardo 'Edo' Padovani, because he knows me well and he could write true and funny things, and he could do a good job.

What artist or band would play the soundtrack to your career?

BREX: Maluma. A Colombian artist who mostly does reggaeton.


Which player do you wish you could have played alongside?

BREX: Felipe Contepomi.

RUZZA: Kieran Read.

And one that you’re glad you never had to play against?

BREX: Brian O'Driscoll.

RUZZA: Jonah Lomu.

Which of your teammates could swap from forwards to backs, and vice versa?

BREX: I’d move Luca Morisi to hooker, because I know he'll take it badly! Ivan Nemer could be a powerful inside centre.

RUZZA: Definitely Luca Morisi as hooker, and I hope he reads this interview! Among the forwards would be me, or maybe Gianmarco Lucchesi, as a centre.

Is there a film that the whole world seems to love, but you don’t really get?

BREX: The Lord of the Rings. I've never seen it because it's too fantasy and I don't like that kind of film.

RUZZA: A recent one, Avatar 2. Loads of people liked it, but I didn't. I wasn't convinced by the narrative or how the story was constructed.

What’s your favourite memory of the Guinness Six Nations?

BREX: Apart from making my debut, which is a personal memory, I’d say the 2022 victory in Cardiff against Wales. It’s a collective memory for the entire team.

RUZZA: Definitely the best moment was the win in Wales, along with my debut. I’ve rarely experienced such strong emotion on a rugby field.

If you were to decide to go backpacking around the world, which of your teammates would be the most useful companion?

BREX: Pierre Bruno, because he's a bit of a crazy guy who really loves travelling the world, almost at random, and can easily make friends with everyone.

RUZZA: There are only a few, but maybe I'd take Niccolò Cannone because he'd be able to make food from anything.