Dewi Lake
He's captained Wales at U20 and senior level, and he knows his coffee.

What’s your coffee of choice? Flat white, or a cortado if I go to Costa, because their flat whites are like lattes. A flat white is a good amount of coffee with milk in it: you can still taste the coffee, but it’s not a double espresso.

Who would write your biography? I used to like Terry Pratchett as a kid, so something in the style of his writing would be good.

Who would play the soundtrack of your career highlights reel? I don’t know if they would do it, but the Stereophonics. A good Welsh band.

Is there one player you wish you could have played with? Duncan Jones. He coaches our scrum at Ospreys now and he knows his stuff. Being a hooker, it would be fun to have a go at scrummaging with him.

And one you’re glad you never played against? Rory Best. I’ve heard things about his scrummaging and his abilities around the field and I feel I’ve got away with not having to come up against him.

Which of your fellow forwards would do a job in the backs? Jac Morgan. Two successful kicks out of two in the World Cup, one a crossfield kick, so I think he could do a job.

Is there a film you love, but others don’t? I’m not a big fan of Wolf of Wall Street. It’s too long. My attention span means an hour and a half is my ideal film time. Anything over that, I might have to do it over two or three nights. I can’t sit there for three hours watching a film.

What’s your favourite Guinness Six Nations memory? That 30-3 win against England. It gets brought up a lot in Wales, but to get that scoreline at that time was unbelievable.

Which teammate would you take backpacking with you across the world? Ospreys fly-half Jack Walsh is a pretty well-travelled man. He knows his stuff.

Wales open their 2024 Guinness Six Nations campaign at home to Scotland on February 3rd.