Duhan and Gerard Butler
Scotland and Edinburgh wing Duhan van der Merwe, one of the game's most explosive players, answers our questions over a mug of the white stuff.

Coffee of choice? Just a flat white. I'm not a very big coffee drinker. Sometimes when I feel a wee bit sloppy I'll just get an Americano, no milk, and just sip away at that.

Who would play you in a Duhan van der Merwe biopic? Dolph Lundgren. We've got similar looks with the blonde hair, and a similar build. I like him in Rocky IV especially.

Is there a player you wish you could have played with? Jonah Lomu. He’d probably need about seven guys bringing him down, so there would be space for me on the other side. Also just to see how he played in real life after all the videos I’ve watched of him back in the day. He was an absolute freak.

And who do are you glad to have never played against? Darcy Graham, 100%. He punches well above his weight, he's a tough wee man and his footwork is unbelievable.

What film or TV show do you feel is overrated? Game of Thrones. Everyone loves it, but I watched a couple of episodes and just didn't get into it. I would rather go and watch Vikings to be honest.

Favourite Netflix show? Breaking Bad was the one I liked the most – one of the best I've ever watched. Second to that is probably Peaky Blinders.

Favourite Guinness Six Nations memory? I guess it's that try versus England, the first one. It was a very special moment, and for the team as well, helping us to get some points on the board. Close to that is the away win against France in 2021, when we hadn't won there in a very long time. Being able to score in the 83rd or 84th minute to get the win was also very special.

Which teammate would you take backpacking across the world with you? Hamish Watson. He's my roommate and we’re very similar in what we like in life. He's a lot like me: he enjoys a beer after the game and having a good time after you've put in the hard work. He's probably the first guy I'd phone to ask if he wants to catch a beer.

  • Scotland open their 2024 Guinness Six Nations campaign away in Cardiff on February 3rd.