James Ryan
Sitting down over some coffee and enjoying small talk with Ireland and Leinster second row James Ryan.

What's your coffee of choice, James? Flat white.

Who would write a book about your life? Marcus O’Buachalla [Leinster media manager]. It would be in Irish though.

What would be the soundtrack to your career highlights reel? Fisherman’s Blues by The Waterboys.

Which player do you wish you got a chance to play alongside? Paul O’Connell.

Is there a back in the Ireland squad who could do a job in the forwards? I could see James Lowe being able to play in the back row. He's got the size for it.

Name a film everyone loves, but you don’t rate? The Harry Potter films. I don’t like them. I love The Lord of the Rings, and you get people saying Harry Potter is better. Disgraceful.

What is your favourite Championship moment? As a fan, it would be the Grand Slam in 2009. I was in Cardiff for that. It was amazing. More recently, winning it as a player in 2023 here in the Aviva Stadium, just because we had the opportunity to do it at home.

Who would be the most useful teammate to go backpacking with? I feel like Cian Healy would be a good person to do that with. He’s a resourceful kind of guy, and he’d have it well thought out.

Ireland face Italy at the Aviva Stadium this Sunday, 15:00 GMT.