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With Round 1 done and dusted, we had a chance to talk to Liam Thomas: the weekend's top scorer in Fantasy.

Liam currently sits in the World Number 1 spot after a number of inspired selections in Round 1 including captain Aaron Wainwright, Supersub Tomos Williams, and excellent performances from the likes of Duhan van der Merwe, Dan Sheehan, Rio Dyer, Finn Russell, Tommy Reffell and Tadhg Beirne. Liam ended up with a massive 507 points in Round 1, so we spoke to him to try and get some tips from the current leader…

First of all congratulations again on an amazing performance in Round 1! Coming top of the world is a serious achievement. Are you a regular fantasy rugby player?

LT: Thanks! Well I’d say I'm not quite a regular player, I played last year and this year and have played fantasy for some other sports but really that's about it!

Did you have a strategy in your team selection or was it more a case of going with your gut feeling?

LT: I kind of used a strategy but not really. I picked a lot of players that have been in top form as of recent times, such as Finn Russell, Dan Sheehan and Damian Penaud. But for the other players it was really a gut feeling and me being completely blinded by hope that Wales would do well so I picked some players who have been playing at their best at club level, such as Wainwright and Reffell.

Did you use stats to help drive your selections?

LT: If by stats you mean recent performances, then yes. I picked players who have been making a big impact at club rugby as of recent.

Clearly your team performed from 1-15 but do you still have any selection regrets at all?

LT: I do have some selection regrets to be honest. If I could do it again I would choose different props, a different centre and maybe change my Supersub, but really that's all in hindsight now.

As we all know, the Supersub can be the difference between a good gameweek and a league-winning gameweek. Do you have a strategy as to who you select for the supersub?

LT: Yeah my Supersub was someone I thought hard about. I wanted someone who was guaranteed to come on and has proven in the past to make some big changes on the field. I went for Tomos Williams as I knew a scrum-half change would happen and, given his previous performances off the bench in previous Six Nations and the last two Rugby World Cups, I picked him.

If there’s one single tip that you’d give to a new Fantasy Rugby manager, what would it be?

LT: If I had to give one tip it would be do it because you enjoy it and have fun, don’t do it because you want to win anything. Take it easy and have a laugh with your mates.

Did you use any specific websites or resources to help your team planning?

LT: If I had to say, the only resources I really used were social media such as Instagram and TikTok as there are many creators on there making content surrounding the Six Nations and Six Nations Fantasy.

Prior to your Round 1 win, had you done well in previous years?

LT: Haha! No, I've done awful when I've played before! I think last year by the end I was like 5000th or something, I'm not sure. This year I am putting more effort and being more strategic with who I choose.

Will you be changing your approach at all for Round 2? Any lessons your learned from your fantasy selection in Round 1?

LT: So far my plan is to make some changes to the French players I've chosen as I'm going to be bold and say I think Scotland might beat them this weekend. Other than that I will also probably change my Supersub.

Looking ahead to this weekend's Round 2 games are there any players you have your eye on to bring in your team?

LT: I really liked the look of Huw Jones on the weekend so I might throw him in and I might throw Cameron Winnett as he really impressed me on his debut last week

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