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James Lowe diving score Ireland France
For Pick 4, I have dug a bit deeper in the stats to find some strong options for my Kicker, Defender, Ball Carrier and Superstar for Round 4.

For Pick 4, I have dug a bit deeper in the stats to find some strong options for my Kicker, Defender, Ball Carrier and Superstar for Round 4.

Finn Russell remains my favourite option for the Kicker role.

Over the course of the tournament he has kicked for 1367 metres, comfortably the furthest kicked.

He also has registered 2 of the 3 50/22 kicks that have been awarded this tournament and kicked the most conversions.

Finally he has a Player of the Match to his name and is in truly outstanding form.

If you are looking for an alternative, then Thomas Ramos could be your man.

He has scored well with the kicking tee all tournament, has kicked the only drop goal in the tournament and has also registered plenty of kicking metres from the Full Back position.

Defender is an area where you need to make a call around whether to go with big points around dominant tackles, or more for volume with those registering many tackles.

If you are looking for dominant tackles, look no further than Danilo Fischetti with 8 dominant tackles to his name.

Lewis Ludlum and Maro Itoje have impressed in this regard with 6 and 5 dominant tackles respectively.

For the guys that just get through a huge volume of tackling, a few candidates to flag are Thibaud Flament with 55 tackles, Matt Fagerson with 51, Julian Marchand with 48, Charles Ollivon with 44 and Maro Itoje with 42.

For his all-round performance, I’ll be going with Maro Itoje this week, but there are plenty of great options.

Ball Carrier is a tricky one and you need to weigh up the players carrying for hundreds of metres, with those effectively carrying at close quarters.

The areas to look at are Pick and Gos, One out Drives, Metres carried and Metres carried after contact.

For Pick and Go, this is dominated by Scrum Halves (Dupont with 15, Van Poortvliet with 10 and Tomos Williams with 10), but scrum halves tend to score lower on the other Ball Carrier metrics so can probably be disregarded.

Other strong Pick and Go merchants include Caelan Doris and Ellis Genge with 6 each so far in the Six Nations.

Genge is also high up the ranks for One out Drives, registering 22 (second to Sebastian Negri, who has registered a huge 27 One out Drives!).

Close to Negri and Genge are James Ryan with 19, Cyrill Baille and Pierre Schoeman (both with 18).

Lastly, Metres Carried and Carried after Contact are largely dominated by members of the Back 3.

However, as you are best served selecting a Forward as your Ball Carrier, keep an eye out for Caelan Doris and Sebastian Negri, who are both the highest carrying forwards with 205 and 202 metres carried respectively and 89 and 115 metres after contact.

Lastly for the Superstar it is hard to look past James Lowe with 2 tries, 2 assists and 5 defenders beaten.

Although, if you are looking for an alternative, Duhan Van Der Merwe could be a great shout, with a huge 21 defenders beaten in 3 matches in addition to his 2 tries, 1 assist and 1 POTM over the course of the tournament.

My Pick 4 team for Round Three

Kicker: Finn Russell (Scotland)

Defender: Maro Itoje (England)

Ball Carrier: Caelan Doris (Ireland)

Superstar: James Lowe (Ireland)

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