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If you’re craving the real-time thrills of the Guinness Men’s Six Nations, head to our new Match Centre.

The Six Nations Rugby Match Centre is the ultimate destination to stay on top of the game.

As this year’s Championship unfolds, the Match Centre provides an immersive experience, offering live commentary and match stats that bring the heart-pounding excitement directly to fans’ fingertips.

Click here to head to the Match Centre.

Whether you’re following your favourite team’s campaign for glory, or simply catching up on how each team is faring, the live text commentary will keep you in the loop with insights and play-by-play analysis.

Delve into the statistics, dissecting the key moments and player performances that shape the course of each match. From scrum success rates to try-scoring feats, the Match Centre is a treasure trove of in-depth information, making it a must-visit hub for the discerning rugby aficionado.

Don’t miss a beat. Enjoy the Six Nations Rugby Match Centre experience and take your love of the Championship to new levels.