'Maul' wins prestigious photography award

A unique photograph that capture the intense physicality of the Guinness Men's Six Nations in unique style has won a prestigious award.

'Maul' by Morgan Treacy of Inpho claimed Gold in this year's World Sports Photography Awards.

A visceral, bird's eye view of a mass of green and white jerseys, taken during the 2023 Championship match between England and Ireland, encapsulates perfectly the physical tussle.

When the image was originally shared on social media, one commenter said "Dante's Inferno as a modern day image - very profound and moving", while another compared it to a Renaissance painting.

Innovative photography is playing a big role in Six Nations Rugby these days. During this year's Guinness Men's Six Nations, @expiredfilmclub was invited to Twickenham for the England v Wales match - with typically intriguing results.

There has also been an appetite for off-the-field imagery which encapsulates the fan experience of travelling to cities during the Championship, lapping up everything that game day has to offer. Photographer Theo McInnes did just that, visiting several venues and cities to get a flavour of life on and off the pitch during the Guinness Men's Six Nations this year.

Evelyn Fraser, known for her beautiful lifestyle photography, turned her focus to Test match rugby for the first time ever in this year's Guinness Women's Six Nations - to the enjoyment of fans in Edinburgh.

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