The Guinness Men’s Six Nations is like no other event in the sporting calendar.

More than just the 80 minutes of rugby, the iconic Championship keeps fans all over the world on the edge of their seats. For many, the start of the Six Nations signals the true start of the year, and has taken on a cultural significance.

Each weekend of the Six Nations, whole countries and cities get caught up in the carnival atmosphere, with families, friends, and fellow fans coming together. Friendly rivalries are reignited for the five rounds of elite sporting theatre.

The Championship goes beyond just sport, it is an experience unlike any other. Rugby fans know this, but there is an audience of new fans waiting to be inducted into the unique and compelling world of the Guinness Men’s Six Nations.

There is an opportunity to take rugby to a truly global audience, but it will take making the sport relevant to these potential new fans, showcasing the moments that add up to make the Six Nations experience so unique.

To help bring these moments to life for the 2024 Championship, Six Nations Rugby will work with renowned photographer Theo McInnes, whose mission is to reframe rugby for a new audience.

McInnes says: “Rugby is raw, exciting, colourful and unpredictable. There is the anticipation ahead of a game, which makes way for a full range of emotions, on and off the pitch. You get a sense that players and fans are totally connected on that rollercoaster of emotions as the game goes on. To capture those moments has the potential to tap into the heartbeat of a Six Nations game.

"It goes beyond the actual game, though. If I can show what the experience is like for fans the day before a game, experience the pre-match rituals between friends as they get ready for the match, and distil the energy that is hanging in the air, I truly believe people who have never even heard of rugby will think, I want some of that.'

"The famous war photographer Robert Capa said, 'If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough'. That is the approach I am going to take to this campaign, and can't wait to showcase the best of the Six Nations and the unique experiences each nation’s fans create.”

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