The wait for the 2023 Guinness Six Nations is Over. Rugby’s Greatest Championship Returns

Six Nations cover 2023
The Guinness Six Nations is the greatest annual international rugby Championship in the sport, and every year delivers truly unmissable experiences to fans all over the world.

The Guinness Six Nations is the greatest annual international rugby Championship in the sport, and every year delivers truly unmissable experiences to fans all over the world.

In 2022, the Championship title came down to the wire, culminating in a game for the ages, in Paris, where France claimed an historic Grand Slam.

This year, fans can look forward to another scintillating Championship, with storylines and plot twists waiting to be written by the teams and players, over five rounds of action, starting on February 4th, at the Principality in Cardiff before all roads lead to another blockbuster Super Saturday, with the final game between Ireland and England on Saint Patricks Day Weekend.

Ahead of the 2023 Guinness Six Nations Championship, Ben Morel, CEO of Six Nations Rugby, commented: “The Guinness Six Nations holds an incredibly special place in the sporting landscape and with fans all over the world. The Championship offers fans the chance to experience some of the best teams and players going head-to-head, on an annual basis, in must win Test matches. Combine that with the unique heritage of the Six Nations and the rivalries that are woven into the fabric of the six nations competing, and you start to scratch the surface in explaining why the Guinness Six Nations is such an eagerly anticipated and loved moment in time, each year.

“We have a huge responsibility at Six Nations Rugby to not only respect the precious nature and heritage of its Championships but ensure their continued growth and development. There is also the unrelenting commitment to deliver truly unmissable experiences for fans. This is what drives the entire team

“This commitment is underpinned by unwavering collaboration with all Six Nations Rugby stakeholders, including each union and federation, its broadcast and commercial partners and the media, who all play a part in telling the compelling storylines to fans.

“This year’s Guinness Six Nations holds a personal poignancy for me, as it will be my final one as CEO of Six Nations Rugby. My five years in the role has been a humbling and defining experience and I am filled with pride for the achievements of the organisation, alongside each of the unions and federations. It has been a privilege to be a custodian of the role, but my work is not done yet, and go into the 2023 Championships truly excited for what is in store for fans.”

Key Things to Know, Ahead of The 2023 Guinness Six Nations:

Media Website: Launching today, will be a dedicated destination for media to visit, that will be the home for all press releases, media guides, statistics, rights free content and key Six Nations Rugby information.

Media Guide: Ahead of the 2023 Guinness Six Nations, media are invited to download a comprehensive guide to the Championship, including statistics for all the teams and players:

Unmissable Action: Rugby’s greatest Championship returns, and here is what fans have been waiting for

Where To Watch: In 2022, over 119 million people tuned in to watch live coverage of the Guinness Six Nations. For the 2023 Championship, every match and where to watch the action unfold with our host broadcasters can be found here:

Netflix: Throughout the 2023 Guinness Six Nations, Netflix will have their production crews embedded within all of the teams competing in the Championship, documenting the drama, plot twists and meeting the stars of the game. Due for release in 2024, the series will take fans inside all of the action, like never before.

Fantasy Rugby: Fans continue to love the Six Nations Fantasy Rugby product, and for 2023 a short form version of the popular online game will be trialled. Fans will get the chance to select four-person team; a Ball Carrier, Defender, Kicker and Superstar, all designed to engage fans new to the game or short on time. For more information visit:

Fanatics Online Store: Launching in time for the 2023 Guinness Six Nations, Fanatics and Six Nations Rugby have forged a partnership to offer fans the best official merchandise, to visit the store:

Breitling set to unveil Six Nations Rugby inspired collection: On February 2nd, Breitling, the Official Timing Partner of Six Nations Rugby will be releasing a special collection of Six Nations Rugby inspired watches. To see the collection when it is released. For more information, visit:

TikTok: Building on the success of the 375% increase in Six Nations Rugby TikTok followers, this year fans can make the platform their go-to destination for entertainment, information, and key content throughout the Championship. Visit the Six Nations Rugby on TikTok

Sage: As the Official Insights Partner to Six Nations Rugby, Sage will be harnessing smart ball technology during the Championship, for the first ever time. Offering fans unrivalled data driven insight to help bring them closer to the action as it unfolds, in real time. Key smart ball data will be available on the Six Nations Rugby media site:

Using the Platform: Six Nations Rugby is committed to using its platform to drive inclusivity and accessibility within society, through the lens of rugby. Launching this year will be a new campaign driven by this ambition, and as part of the development of an ESG strategy. More news will follow in due course.