zoe harrison
The England and Saracens fly-half talks Bali, Barbie, and being at home at Chelsea.

What’s your coffee of choice? In the winter, I’ll have an oat milk flat white. I’ll mix it up in the summer and have an oat milk (classic) iced latte.

What are you watching on TV at the moment? Drive to Survive. Getting to know the personalities of the boys and seeing the cool locations they get to go to.

Who would you like to write a book about your life? I wouldn’t give it to an author; I’d give the honour to my best friend, Maddie, as she’d have the best stories.

What song would be the soundtrack to your career highlights? Barbie Girl by Aqua, as I’m living in a Barbie world!

Who’s your best mate in rugby? If you can’t tell, it’s Jess Breach. That’s why she followed me to Sarries…

Where do you call home? In the Matthew Harding Stand at [Chelsea FC's] Stamford Bridge, South London, off Fulham Rd. UTC!

What’s your ideal holiday destination? I’d like to go to Bali. Decent weather, beaches, pools. Pretty ideal if you ask me.

If you could travel back to any period in time, when would it be? I wouldn’t go back: I only look forward.

If you wanted to be remembered for anything, what would it be? Being remembered for being part of really successful teams. I want to win everything with club and country.

What’s the hardest thing about being a rugby player? A Number 8 running down my channel…

And what’s the best thing about it? A Number 8 running down my channel!

Which teammate would be your ideal backpacking companion? Connie Powell. She’s sat next to me and she’ll be fuming if I don’t pick her. Follow Zoe on Instagram @zoeharrison123