totc dinca
Italy winger Alyssa D’Incà’s stunning try against France has been voted 2024’s Try of the Championship.

With mere minutes left on the clock in the second half of the round three match, D’Incà appeared on Emma Stevanin’s shoulder to take the ball after the Azzurre centre broke the line, and after a delicate sidestep, sped down the line past a despairing Morgane Bourgeois to score.

“I remember I was feeling really tired, but I was looking for space,” said the 22-year-old in an interview with Six Nations Rugby. “I saw that Emma had managed to break the line and I was ready to take the offload.

“I shouted as loudly as I could so that she could give me the ball and then I just ran as fast as I could, and thankfully I was able to get away to score.

“At those moments you don’t think, ‘I’d better do a sidestep.’ It just comes from somewhere inside you, and it is only when you watch it back that you realise you’ve done a sidestep. Then when I saw I was in the clear, all I thought about was running as fast as I could.”

D'Incà, who is also one of the nominees for this year’s Guinness Player of the Championship, scored three tries in 2024 - adding to thee three she scored in last year’s campaign - while the award-winning try in question was her second of the match against Les Bleues.

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