Women’s Fantasy Rugby: How it works 

For the first time this year, you can play Women’s Six Nations Fantasy Rugby and we’re here to talk you through how it works.

For the first time this year, you can play Women’s Six Nations Fantasy Rugby and we’re here to talk you through how it works.

It’s an exciting new addition to what already promises to be a fascinating Championship as you have the chance to prove your coaching credentials.

Women’s Six Nations Fantasy Rugby 2021 – Tap here to get started!

While England look to replicate their title exploits from the 2020 Women’s Six Nations, you can pit your wits against friends, family and supporters worldwide in the hunt for glory. There are even some fantastic prizes to be won along the way…

Following a similar format to the Guinness Six Nations Fantasy Rugby game, each participant is offered a budget of 205 stars to build an unbeatable starting XV.

A maximum of five players from each nation are allowed in your team while the value of players evolves according to their performances on the pitch over the course of the Championship.

How points are calculated

Each team must feature 15 players from all the usual rugby positions, whose exploits on the pitch will determine how many points they contribute.

Every player on the field will earn you ‘team’ points depending on the result of the match – applied in proportion to their presence in the game – and ‘rugby player’ points which are determined by their individual statistics.

The designated captain in your team will see their points doubled in that respective round, while a bonus of 20 points will also be awarded to you.

Tackling the numbers

If one of your inclusions is playing at home, a win earns your team 12 points, while a draw and a defeat are worth four points and one point respectively.

A strong away performance is even more valuable, with any of your inclusions part of a win on their travels earning you 18 points, while a draw is worth ten and a defeat three points.

Points difference is also something to consider, with 0.5 points being added or taken away from your score for every point separating the two teams in each player’s match.

Individually, attack is essential, with every try scored by one of your inclusions earning your team 15 points. Try conversions and penalties are both worth three points and drop goals are worth six points.

Furthermore, two points are awarded for every defender beaten by one of your players, while each carried metre is worth 0.3 points – so if you player makes 100 metres with ball in hand, that’s a cool 30 points!

Steely defence is also important though, with each tackle good one for one point, while those deemed a dominant tackle are worth two points to your total.

Finally, if one of your squad members is named the official Women’s Six Nations Player of the Match in their game you will be rewarded with 15 points, while yellow and red cards result in subsequent deductions of five and ten points respectively.

Throughout the Championship, we’ll be giving you regular hints and tips about who to select, so make sure to keep an eye on https://womens.sixnationsrugby.com/women to steal a march on your mates!

Your choice of captain is another key decision – she’ll earn you double points.

So, with not long to go until the big kick-off, why not get busy organising your team in preparation to test your managerial nous in either the general league, or in a private league with your friends!