coastal walk
In September 2022, a cherished member of the Six Nations family received some earth-shattering news.

Chief Commercial Officer Craig Maxwell was diagnosed with incurable and inoperable EGFR lung and bone cancer aged just 40.

Those who know Craig – who played a pivotal role at the Welsh Rugby Union prior to joining Six Nations Rugby, and has taken a step back from day-to-day duties to focus on his health, family and astonishing fundraising events – know that he is a man who makes things happen. In the face of the cruel adversity of his diagnosis, he and his family and friends have been determined to channel all their energies into making a difference.

In the spirit of turning adversity into advocacy, the Maxwell Family Genomics Fund was founded. Their mission is to enhance, improve and develop the cancer pathway in Wales to make a lasting difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families in the nation.

Craig’s story has touched the hearts of many, rallying support that surpassed all expectations. From the initial goal of £300,000, the generosity and compassion of people from all walks of life have propelled the fundraising to an astounding £1 million.

The latest in Craig’s many fundraising endeavours is a 26-day challenge along the stunning Wales Coast Path, which started on Wednesday 14th February. 26 days has been chosen to mirror the QuicDNA project’s goal of reducing diagnosis time. 780 miles will be walked representing the 78 days it took Craig to receive his diagnosis from the point of finding his tumour. The rest will be cycled.

A match ball will be carried the entire distance of the challenge, symbolising the collective fight against cancer. A host of famous faces from the rugby and media world will be joining various legs of the walk.

The challenge will culminate on March 10th at the Principality Stadium for the Guinness Men’s Six Nations match between Wales and France, where Craig, accompanied by his children Isla and Zach, will carry the match ball onto the pitch.

Visit to find out more, including how to get involved with the fundraising efforts.