NatWest 6 Nations Championship
Le plus grand championnat de Rugby



RBS is proud to sponsor the Six Nations, with 2016 being our 14th Championship. The Six Nations is one of the greatest spectacles on the world sporting stage, one that brings together fans in a celebration of all that's good about rugby.

We are proud to be partners with a sport that is played with high measures of both passion and respect. Respect for tradition, for the rules, for officials, for the opponent, and for the entire rugby community.

2015 saw rugby hit new heights with last year's Championship culminating in a thrilling and record-breaking final round of fixtures. The successful Rugby World Cup 2015 further grew the game and increased interest in the sport at both an international and grassroots level.

Our partnership with the Six Nations helps us engage more effectively with customers and to connect with the communities in which we operate. After 14 years of involvement in the game, RBS' sponsorship extends beyond the elite. As Europe's finest inspire the next generation of young rugby players through the Championship, we continue to support the development of the game in community rugby clubs through our RugbyForce initiative.

Established in 2009, RugbyForce provides guidance, assistance and encouragement to help rugby clubs utilise local support to improve their facilities, attract new members and become more sustainable for the players in the years to come. Clubs that register have the opportunity to attend free workshops, receive financial support and guidance to reduce expenditure and support in improving facilities from social spaces to pitch maintenance.

In partnership with the local unions, RugbyForce is delivered by RBS across the four home nations: NatWest in England and Wales, Ulster Bank in Ireland and Royal Bank of Scotland in Scotland.

RBS also continues to demonstrate its commitment to fans through involving them in the Player of the Championship. Recognising this is one of the most distinguished accolades an international player can receive, we are committed to make sure that this award is only won by the most deserving of recipients by striving to make the selection process fairer.

RBS will also ensure fans can relive the action and have their say on the most talked about moments of the weekend. Each week the Six Nations team picks three favourite plays from the weekend's matches. These might include thundering tackles, top tries, fleet footwork or sublime skill. The 60 second compilation will then be released on the website, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.